We create completely new, accessible, visually unique and emotional virtual 360 ° trade fairs.

Far away from reality and ready for a new form of identification. Here people can escape the complex life and focus again. With this new focus, offers can be presented in a completely new way. Virtual trade fairs are suddenly permanently available, tangible and have the opportunity to develop further.

What world can we create for you?

Virtual events & trade fairs with 360 degree rooms from wylder


Virtual fair? What was unthinkable a short time ago is now becoming the new normal. According to the motto: If the customer cannot come to us, we will come to the customer. This idea is not new. What is new, however, are innovative formats that try to recreate the experience of a trade fair point by point in digital space. Is that exactly what you are looking for? Then come to wylder!

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In times of Corona, of course, that’s a pretty stupid question. Otherwise the fair would just fall into the water in case of doubt. Otherwise the organizers would be left with the costs, the exhibitors would not be able to present their products, the participants would not be able to inspect and buy the products or make contacts. So for everyone, switching to virtual space was initially the best solution.

But even beyond Corona, virtual trade fairs are a useful addition or alternative to face-to-face events. They have a number of very tangible advantages: for visitors and exhibitors, there are no travel costs, costs for printed advertising material and the stand rent on virtual rentals are often significantly cheaper. Last but not least, the whole thing also makes ecological sense.

Nevertheless, in the last few weeks, when one virtual event literally chased the next, you had to ask yourself …

virtuelle Welten und 360 Grad Visualisierungen von wylder


Anyone who had watched one or the other virtual trade fair or virtual congress in the past few weeks quickly came up with fundamental questions such as whether Raymond Chandler’s “The Big Sleep” might actually contain a prediction of virtual events in the 21st century. (A sideline Google search proved him wrong.)

Of course: It was all a bit holterdipolter now, there was hardly time to develop sophisticated concepts for virtual events. They simply had to be created quickly as a replacement for live events. The result: webinars, webinars, webinars – and most congresses essentially an accumulation of … webinars. And of course system crashes. At least live. (Even the system crash we experienced together welds us together.) At the trade fairs, it didn’t look much better with the use of the technology, and many participants were rather disillusioned with the result.

But the time of great spontaneous chaos is now over – technology can do more, and there is now an opportunity to develop virtual formats that captivate visitors and participants, which are exciting and at the same time informative – and offer the opportunities for exchange that those at trade fairs in the real life are in any case analogous.

It does not work? Go then! We at wylder will be happy to help you implement such a concept for your planned trade fair or your trade fair appearance.


The construction of realistic, i.e. lifelike, virtual exhibition stands in a virtual exhibition hall is of course just one way of implementing a trade fair. Of course, you can always try to show what a trade fair looks like “in real life” almost 1: 1. But there is another way!

In our virtual marketing and event city ODC , we have also incorporated the concept of a trade fair. But we didn’t just build a realistic exhibition stand into the ODC for this. We have turned the exhibition stands into stores. In the shops along the street, visitors can explore what each store has to offer. At first glance, the stores look nothing like trade fair stands – they have been completely transformed into a different medium and into a virtual world.

Every fair has its own character. And so you can represent each trade fair in its own virtual trade fair world. All that is needed is … artistic ambition! (And we have more than enough of these at wylder.)

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Now let’s be honest: there are many trade fairs, but not everyone organizes an entire trade fair. But of course a trade fair lives from those who book a stand. And anyone who has already been to a trade fair as a company knows: The number of interactions, yes, the overall success that the trade fair stand generates for the company, depends on the design of the trade fair presence. It is no different on a virtual platform either!

Have you booked a virtual exhibition stand for your company, but don’t yet know how to design it correctly? Then get in touch – we will be happy to design your virtual trade fair presence. So that you can present your products and solutions optimally. And draw all the virtual glances at you during the tour of the visitors.

Virtual galleries and 360 degree worlds from wylder


The right approach for the construction of a virtual trade fair that your company organizes is the question: Which visual character is suitable to represent your event correctly? What is the target group of your trade fair? Which extras are the icing on the cake for your trade fair visitors, and how can this be transferred to a virtual platform?

Of course, the same applies to every virtual exhibition stand. Here, too, it is important to work out what could visually distinguish you as an exhibitor in a virtual world – and to implement this in a 3D concept.

Of course, communication with visitors also has to be something special – and no question about it: That is certainly the most difficult point, because virtual communication is never the same as live. Therefore, what is needed are alternative communication ideas that do not try to chase reality any more, but that represent an interesting, fascinating alternative. We would of course be happy to work this out with you for your business!


Virtual trade fairs, virtual conferences, all of this lives from the fact that … well, that a little life comes into the room. Sure, trade fairs in real life often don’t look incredibly spectacular either. The small white boxes that stand tenants usually get to “play with” are lined up in an unadorned manner. What tempts visitors to stand still are eye-catching visuals, open, personable people at the stand and yes, sometimes even the little giveaways – if they are done wisely!

It doesn’t look much different at the virtual trade fair. Visually, communicatively and with special little gimmicks, attention is drawn. It doesn’t work without a little fireworks.

But these fireworks have to suit you and your product, the solutions you offer or your event, trade fair or career fair. That is why we take the time to work with you to design a virtual trade fair or your trade fair presence in such a way that you virtually get as many trade fair visitors, exhibitors, reach, interactions and leads as possible.


No trade fair can do without a supporting program: Conferences, lectures, job exchanges, meet & greet, all of this is now an integral part of every expo and every trade fair event. But how do you do that when planning a digital event? How do you present yourself to your visitors with a lecture or a supporting event on such a platform?

This can also be very individual – in no case does it have to (and should!) Be boring. Lecture rooms can also be built in a virtual world and presented with lectures. These can also be broadcast live. But even more unconventional solutions are no problem at all. More wacky is always possible virtually. Because the big advantage – and a really unique advantage! – of virtual trade fairs is: You are not tied to real conditions. Everything is possible.

You can take advantage of this – and with us simply develop wild ideas for your trade fair or your trade fair presence. When it comes to “nothing is impossible”, we overshadow any Japanese car manufacturer. Just pick up the phone or write to us!