360 degree training & learning paths

Digital training, virtual training, onboarding, learning paths or other modern options for further training in freely configurable 360 degree identification spaces. We bring zeitgeist, new charms and gamification together for you in the normal browser without plug-ins.

Modern forms of training for a digital future

Society is changing radically. Home office and other forms of work are becoming more and more widely accepted and with them you position yourself for an increasingly digital future.

Climate change and the new zeitgeist also contribute to the fact that we are also making extreme changes to our travel behavior and communication habits. But how do you train your employees now? How do you work them in quickly and innovatively? Here we open up completely new possibilities for you with our 360-degree training courses and digital learning paths. According to your ideas, we create areas or entire worlds with 360-degree rooms that are based on reality or are completely freely invented and designed.

Your employees could even help shape the worlds and illusions! All of this promotes inspiration and identification with the content you want to convey. Basically anything is possible. 360-degree training courses position you as an innovative market participant and give you a special position or image, especially on the job market.

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Functions in the 360 degree online galleries:


Hang pictures, photos, or information on the walls. Completely free in a space designed by you and created by us.


Everything in your 360-degree training courses can be supplemented with additional information via pop-up windows.


Place your videos on monitors and screens in the room or let them start in a pop-up with a click.


Encourage your employees to interact more and incorporate gamification elements such as quizzes, exams, collecting points or games.


You can add sounds and noises to your room. This gives the experience even more atmosphere.


Take your employees on personal peer-to-peer video tours or organize lectures and events.

Experience it even more intensely with VR glasses | wylder

Demo 360 degree training & learning paths

360 degree training demo is coming soon by wylder

Further 360 degree training courses & learning paths

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