Virtual tours & Tours

In addition to 360 degree rendering tours, we of course also create 360 degree photo tours and walks on the basis of accessible real images. Real estate, office and training tours, lively media and informational display, and direct online communications.

Immersive Virtual Tours & Walks

Basically, marketing is really easy. You need a good offer, a real benefit, and a demand market. Then all that’s missing is the “secret ingredient”. The presentation.

We offer you a very innovative form of presentation with our virtual 360 degree photo tours and tours. Take your visitors with you into your spatial world and present your offers and brands with the help of immersive experiences. Take them with you in your story.

360 ° all-round view, accessibility, emotional atmosphere, staging, installation of media and information, gamification, video and chat communication, sound, virtual reality and much more. We make your offer an experience.

All this directly in all common browsers, without long loading times or plugins and running costs.

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Virtual 360 degree tours & tours

Prices / costs for simple projects


Easy 360 ° photo tour
599 unique
  • Detailed advice
  • On-site photo shoot and post-production
  • Max. 5 photos incl.
  • Easy project creation

each additional panorama

Easy 360 ° photo tour
50 unique
  • Photo shoot on site
  • Photo post-processing

That fits for ...

Companies & Companies

Present companies & companies with virtual tours / tours | wylder

Innovative employer & partner

Show your customers and prospects your space and reveal a little more of your DNA. This increases trust and identification. That’s a real competitive advantage.

Shops & stores

Virtual tours for stores & shops | wylder

Your 360 ° experience business

Make your business accessible and walkable online. Present yourself and your offers from the best side. More experience and more sales opportunities. Especially in times of the pandemic.

Restaurants & Hotels

Virtual tours & walking tours for restaurants & hotels | wylder

Tasty & more homely

Show your restaurant or hotel before the visit. Show your ambience and atmosphere. So your visitor can make better decisions and generate anticipation.

Museums & exhibitions

Virtual tours & tours for galleries & exhibitions | wylder

Make art available

Bring your museum or gallery to your visitors. The world is globalized, so make it available globally and secure your international business. Especially in pandemic times.


Virtual tours for real estate, apartments and houses | wylder

Just show it and make it accessible

You can easily show your prospective customers houses, apartments and other real estate with virtual tours. This is how you show your offer and create constant availability.

Trade fairs, shows & events

Trade fairs, markets, shows & events in virtual tours | wylder

Leaving deep impressions

You can take normal pictures and videos of your events & shows or you can give your visitors an immersive impression of the event. Regardless of whether it is a trade fair, a show or any other experience.

The 360 degree tours and tours are also available as a virtual reality experience.

Experience it even more intensely with VR glasses | wylder

High quality equipment - great performance

for your 360 ° virtual tours & walks

We only use high-quality 360 ° photo equipment and resolutions of at least 23 MP (6720 x 3360) for the virtual tours. Higher resolutions of up to 200 MP (16,384 x 8,192) for an additional charge.

360 degree cameras | High tech | Wylder

3D transition effects

Simulated movement in perfection

Virtual 360 ° tours consist of photo recordings (panoramas) of individual points in space. In your project, however, we don’t just jump from picture to picture, we merge the points with a 3D transition effect. This effect gives the user a feeling of real movement. Do you know google street view? We use the same technology here because it has proven itself on Google and has been learned billions of times. The combination of 360 degree panorama images and the 3D transition effect significantly reduces loading times compared to a video.

360 ° HIGH-TECH | brilliant visualization

How does the creation of a virtual tour work?


We will discuss your project and your wishes with you. Then we create an implementation plan or a corresponding offer.

360 ° photo p

On the basis of the order, we will take the appropriate photo recordings for you. This includes the right lighting of the rooms and appropriate staging.


We optimize your photos and create the corresponding 360 degree project. Animations, information, videos, chats, gamification and much more.


We transfer your project to a high-performance web space and make it accessible to your customers and prospects. Voila!

Further services for virtual tours

Hot spots
The depth in the tours

Explanations, visuals & emotions

The hotspots are the information core of the virtual tours and walks. You can use it to cover every pixel of the photo and perform an action. Click on objects or people and get to more information and actions interactively. Open screen pops, buy offers, start sounds, start videos or much more. The limits are in the imagination and the creation.

E-learning & training tours

Learning with the WOW effect

Use your virtual tours for comprehensive teaching and test offers with special info points (“treasure hunt”), question or quiz cards, integrated points system, reporting systems and LMS integration. Gamification is not just a word in the photo tours & tours, but usable reality. Learn while having fun, even in difficult times.

Live guided tours & walks

New communication concepts

Guide your visitors through your rooms in a video meeting, let them take the lead or actively support live trainings or on-boarding processes. All of this is possible as part of the virtual tours, tours and learning opportunities. In this way, important matters can be clarified and discussed even without a lot of live appointments. Ideal for exhibitions and real estate.

More examples of virtual tours & walking tours

Examples and references for exhibitions, museums, etc. in 360 ° photos and virtual reality (VR)

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