360 degree online events & marketing campaigns

Make an online event more attractive, stage a very special marketing campaign and take your visitors on an immersive 360-degree experience of the extra class – we have the right solution for you.

Targeted offers or entire online worlds

Since the global pandemic has shown us that we can no longer easily meet for a beer in the pub or at the annual industry fair or event in a class drive, digital interaction channels have to be expanded.

New and more attractive solutions so that what we love and need can continue to take place – as best as possible! Our virtual room concepts style your digital meetings, virtual trade fairs and other events according to your taste, so that your participants or visitors do not feel as if they are simply visiting a website again.

For hybrid events, we merge the real and the virtual level even better. Even for a post-Corona world, this is a feature with added value that will get you more attention.

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Functions of the 360 degree online events & marketing campaigns:


Hang posters, pictures, or objects on the walls. Completely free in a space designed by you and created by us.

Pop ups

Everything in your 360-degree rooms can be supplemented with additional information via pop-up windows.


Place cool videos on monitors in the event or the marketing campaign or let them start in a pop-up with a click.


Animate your event visitors to more interaction with a quiz, exams, collecting points or games.


You can add sounds and noises to your room. This gives the experience even more atmosphere.


Take visitors on personal peer-to-peer video tours or organize conferences and online trade shows.

Experience it even more intensely with VR glasses | wylder

Demo online events & marketing campaigns

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