A cool website makes all the difference in terms of attention and curiosity with your customers and prospects. Leave the normal Internet pages to your competitors, while you stand out and stay in your head with 360-degree websites in a class of their own.

We create "strange"

Turn your website into a cool 360-degree space that you can invite your guests to. Let’s create it together – talk, philosophize, talk shop and let’s go crazy! In many cases, a normal, scrollable standard template website may be sufficient. We are there for everything else.

We are your interior designers, interior decorators, shop fitters, salespeople, marketing consultants, landscapers, teachers …

Let's just talk

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Features of our cool 360 degree websites:


Hang all kinds of pictures, photos, and illustrations on the walls. Completely free in a space designed by you and created by us.


Everything on your cool website can be supplemented with additional information via pop-up windows.


Place your videos on monitors and surfaces in the 360-degree space or let them start in a pop-up with a click.


Encourage your visitors to interact more and incorporate specific gamification elements such as quizzes, exams, collecting points or games.


You can add sounds and noises to your cool website. This gives the experience even more atmosphere.


Take visitors on personal peer-to-peer video tours or organize live streaming and other types of events.

Experience it even more intensely with VR glasses | wylder

Demo cool websites & 360 degree websites

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