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Application examples Motion GRAPHICS

Motion Design Opener by wylder
Play Video about Motion Design Opener by wylder

Motion Graphics: Show Opener

Get the enthusiastic attention from the first second. Whether online event, live show or concert, with an impressive opener you create the first wow moment and immediately bring life to the house with animations.

Motion Graphics: Logo Design by wylder
Play Video about Motion Graphics : Logo Design by wylder

Motion GrapHics: Logo Animation

Stage your logo and your company with motion design on a whole new level. The imagination knows no bounds here – and it has left the pressure on a letterhead far behind.

Virtual tour gallery by wylder
Play Video about Virtueller Rundgang Galerie by wylder

Motion Graphics: Virtual tour

Impress your visitors with virtual tours and spectacular visualizations. Whether as a video or a 360-degree website experience – this is how you leave your competition far behind.

3D product renderings by wylder
Play Video about 3D Produkt-Renderings von wylder

Motion Graphics: Product Animation

You can photograph your product from different positions. Or you can rely on our product visualization and change your presentation from the ground up. Position, color, appearance, everything is possible now!

When space meets X, Neo meets Morpheus, Mentos meets Coca-Cola or Motion meets design - then something strange emerges that is perpetuated in our synapses with visual barbs. That is exactly what drives us. Every day, every hour and every minute. It doesn't let go of us.


When we talk about motion design or motion graphics at Wylder, we mean any form of video or moving image that is not based exclusively on real film: explanatory films, animations, product visualizations, 3D renderings, trailers or even video show elements for events and light shows, eye-catching 3D ads for advertising, especially in social media networks, and animated 360-degree websites. Motion design is exciting, completely detached from reality and only limited by a lack of imagination. A state that we have never experienced before.


Let the others bore you with photos - you stand out with our high-quality 3D renderings.

Explanatory videos

Show and explain processes, functions, advantages and data with creative animations. For well-informed and directly impressed visitors.

Social media

We break through feed flows for you and get you more attention with 3D ads and creative animations.


Are you looking for a clip for your channel or breaks in your formats, then you've come to the right place.


With visualization, complex things can be explained better - especially if they are not yet available.


With us it goes into completely new worlds. Together we bring your brand, products and stories much closer to your customers.


We put your brand in the best light. With motion design you leave the real world and enter an art world with unlimited possibilities.


Let's turn your shows, concerts and events into truly unforgettable experiences with creative motion graphics.

360 degrees

Take your customers or employees with you to 360-degree 3D rooms and websites for completely new and fascinating experiences.

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Examples of motion graphics & 360 degree pages

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Where can Motion GRAPHICS be used?

External presentation

Moving images and video beats any form of simple graphic or photo on the Internet and offline. The eye and our brain just react more strongly when things are moving. For this reason, it is highly effective to get into the minds of your visitors or customers with the help of motion design or motion graphics.

On the Internet 3D motion graphics can be used very effectively and conversion-increasing in the area of social media ads and other advertising ads for your projects or your company. This is specifically about interrupting the user in his feed stream and creating curiosity. But also more complex motion design animations, explanatory films and visualizations increase curiosity and encourage people to “click”.

In “normal life” you can inspire your visitors in the shop on LED walls or monitors with animations and refer to your offers in a special form. If you are an organizer or are looking for customer stoppers for your trade fair appearance, you can also use motion design on monitors or LED walls or inspire them with 360 degree VR experiences. We often forget the power that motion graphic designs can have in direct sales at the customer, if your sales representative is working with it on the customer.

Internal presentation

Often people forget that the company has to run inside too.

Especially in times of pandemics, the question quickly arises of how new employees can be onboarded effectively or how internal training courses can be implemented.

Motion graphics create completely new possibilities and projects here. Especially the use of 360 degree worlds to convey your internal processes has proven to be valuable. In connection with explanatory videos and other visualizations, the information you want quickly gets into the minds of the employees. Each of these motion design elements can then in turn be shown externally for the company for reputation purposes. Most people look for guidance and security. When processes are clearer, this desire is specifically supported.

Especially if you are looking for new employees for your company, this form of external presentation is a decisive factor alongside your range of offers. But also when it comes to virtual networking evenings with your people, visual guidance and branding are very important in order to keep identification at a high level.

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