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360 degree websites and more

We design and produce virtual, walkable 360 degree tours, rooms and worlds that can be seamlessly integrated into websites without long loading times or additional plug-ins. The possible uses range from virtual galleries, conferences, trade fairs, learning paths, onboardings, company presentations to three-dimensional cities, visualizations, online shops, chat rooms and much more.

Our focus is clearly on creativity and the generation of emotions. From state-of-the-art 3D design and interactive sound integration to visitor interactions and gamification, we develop coherent and completely stylish packages that create identification, provide orientation, impress and entertain.

Our 360 degree tours and tours can also be experienced as VR tours and VR tours.

360 degree galleries

Virtual galleries and exhibitions are ideal for making digital rooms easy and very convenient for customers to enter and experience online.

360 degree online events &
Marketing campaigns

360-degree worlds for your events, customers and campaigns – for all-round experiences that have a long-lasting effect.

360 degree visualizations &
Sales support

With the right eye-catcher, your sales team will win over your customers.

360 degree websites

Make your website a room, design it according to your wishes, invite your guests and impress them.

360 degree training & learning paths

Communicate know-how in a completely new way, train your employees effectively and offer exciting learning paths.

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360 degree tours and tours turn a website into a real all-round spatial experience. You can look around freely and move through the digital space as if it were a real one. In connection with VR, these 360 degree tours become even more realistic. This gives websites and Internet presentations a completely new depth and emotionality.

We create 360 panoramas with tools such as Cinema4D, Blender or Unreal. Then we put the panoramas together with a 360 degree tool and create a variety of interaction options. Pop-up windows, videos, learning paths, explanations, visual effects and sounds create completely new spaces of perception.

The creation of virtual 360 degree tours usually costs between € 2,000 and € 10,000 for smaller projects and there is no upper limit. Very complex tours or 360 degree rooms for marketing campaigns are usually between € 5,000 and € 30,000. It particularly depends on whether we start from scratch or whether 3D data and visualizations are provided.

Basically yes. If you have mastered all the necessary tools, then there is no problem. However, this is usually not the case. If you really want to save massive costs, then deal intensively with software solutions for 360 degree tours. Then you can buy inexpensive panoramas in our online shop and install them yourself.

The advantages for 360 degree tours are obvious. Everyone has and knows normal Internet pages. Getting noticed and stood out among the billions of websites is not that easy. The marketing currency is attention. Attention to your company. The special form of presentation and the use of significantly more senses create more attractiveness. It does not matter whether the existing website is replaced or expanded with 360-degree tours. Use with VR (Virtual Reality) also creates a very special emotionalisation for your customers.

Our focus is on creating artificial spaces, tours and walks. We want to use the opportunity to take your customers into another world. In addition to the imagination, there are also very practical reasons for this. A 360 ° panorama of a room in your apartment requires that everything is clean, tidy and error-free. Especially when it comes to real estate sales, for example. Hand on heart: it’s never perfect. With us it does. But if you really want to have photo panoramas in 360 degrees, then just contact us. We have all the high-quality equipment there.

Yes. You already know Google Streetview, Maps and Google My Business. In this combination, we can import 360 tours and thus make virtual interiors accessible to interested parties. Very few companies are currently doing this. A chance to shine with a cool additional offer.

Our 360 degree tours can be used on all common end devices. So mobile phone, tablet, desktop, TV and VR (Virtual Reality). In practice, sensible operation based on the display size on cell phones is very difficult. On some devices there are also restrictions on the browser side. For example, only one video can be played at the same time on iPhone devices. Here the projects must be planned and designed accordingly.

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