B-roll is footage that can be used to increase the effectiveness of a video by adding variety and visual interest. B-Roll can include a wide range of visuals, such as people, places, things, animals, etc.

B-rolls are often used in documentaries to illustrate the statements of the speaker or interviewee. For example, if someone is talking about how crowded a city is, B-roll images of crowded sidewalks and streets can be included. This gives the viewer a stronger sense of the situation and perhaps arouses sympathy for the speaker.

B-Roll can also be used to illustrate certain information that the viewer may not be aware of. For example, when talking about a new type of technology, B-roll can be shown of people using that technology or talking about the fabrication of that technology. This helps the audience better relate to the story and understand what it is about.

So B-Roll is a very useful way to make videos more interesting and informative. When you produce your next video, remember: B-Roll is your friend!

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