Small (Room) Gallery

Here you get 360 degree templates for your room gallery. Create your own virtual 360 degree tour for your visitors quickly and inexpensively. A completely new experience that puts your works perfectly in the limelight.

Kleine Kunstgalerie by Wylder

Gallery | Small Room | 6JPG

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Templates for small (room) galleries

With our templates you can quickly and inexpensively create your own small exhibition using 360 degree tools.

Create a completely new kind of website and offer your visitors a very special experience that can be experienced online with many senses.

You can purchase the Atelier Galleries in two versions. Either simply as a 360 degree JPG graphic in which you can insert your works with the help of a 360 degree tool or as a ready-made PSD Photoshop template.

Here you just have to insert your works, export and you’re done.

If you want us to do the creation for you, just contact us. Phone +49 (0)30 9599987-20.

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Can be used with the following 360 degree & graphic software tools