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Style frames form the basis of an idea sketch for animations and videos. They are an aid when designing the content of websites and online shops. Before the completion of a project, they allow an initial representation of how the content and images will be put together and how they will look later. As such, they are an aid to stimulating creativity and imagination, while also being useful as a first template for clients.

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What is a style frame?

Nowadays, many companies not only rely on a meaningful website, but also on advertising and animation films, image films and a presence in social networks. It is helpful for customers if they find an explanatory video on a website or in an online shop to better orientate themselves. Through the explanatory film, they learn more about the products or services.

An agency is commissioned to produce such videos. Networks for graphic designers and creative people such as dasauge also serve to improve work planning. Important individual steps are necessary before the film can be created. Style frames are used to get a first impression right from the start of how the animation, the design and a desired effect are planned in 3D in the concept. They serve as sketches for each individual scene in the product video or animated film. In this way they show how the visual effect will be and in which style it can be realized. This enables better creative development and planning, but also better visualization through the design. Such sketches succeed in creating an intuitively graspable overall impression without completeness in terms of content.

How does a style frame work?

Regardless of which video is desired, whether it is an explanatory film, product video or image film: the possibilities are varied and the style is modern to conventional. Some prefer comic-like animations, others the minimalistic flat design. Some like realistic scenes, others create the project in 3D style. The frames are part of the concept and project planning and allow presentation before completion. They show which message is conveyed and whether the brand or product is presented in a humorous or serious manner.

What are the advantages of styleframes presentations?

For more complex projects or a specific concept, the draft and the first presentation are just as important as the post-production for possible post-processing and recording of all necessary work steps. The advantages are:

  • First precise impression of the concept
  • Representative cutout for planned scenes, style and design
  • Detailed images with included color palette, shape and appearance
  • Promotion of creative development
  • Transparency for the customer
  • Feedback for the creation process

Where are styleframes sketches used?

Originally, the use of the word styleframe was common in motion design. In the meantime, however, it has also established itself for online projects. Such applications are used when building a website, planning complex online shops, developing apps and creating videos and animations. They enable better visualization and structuring and form the basis for the creation of content with logos, colors, graphics, text and photos. Or they serve as a first illustration within the conception phase when designing animations and videos as a digital sketch of ideas. Frames can be used to show the genre and style in which the animation or film is rendered.

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