The storyboard, also called a scene book in the film industry, provides a first visual impression of a film. It could therefore also be called a trial version. The term storyboard comes from English. It is therefore a visual template for complex courses of action.

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Creating and designing a storybook is an essential part of the pre-production of a film. It is realized by an accomplished illustrator who is well versed in all areas of the film industry. The groundbreaking tool for film production has its origins at the Disney Studios. Structurally and visually, it has traits of a comic. In short: it tells a story. In summary, the script serves to give everyone involved in the project a clear idea of the director’s expectations.

The storyboard in contrast to the script

When many creative minds meet, things often get hot. This is especially the case with multimedia projects such as film production. A template is therefore required that puts the wealth of exciting ideas on paper and, like the famous red thread, leads safely through the events. When it comes to the textual content, the screenplay, also known by the terms script, film script and screenplay, takes on this role.

The storyboard, on the other hand, reproduces the action in the form of images or drawings. In concrete terms, this means that in a first step, all the scenes in the film are divided into individual shots. Each setting is then recorded in the form of sketches. Each sketch reflects a sequence.

Storyboard and complex multimedia projects

The essential role that a sketchbook plays in a large-scale project like film production is unquestionable. After all, it is a kind of miniature recording of the later, comparatively gigantic work. Accordingly, it not only serves as a basis and guideline, but also as inspiration for the actual implementation. In addition, it is filed, corrected and changed if certain sequences are not consistent. This saves a lot of time and effort later in the actual production and is easy on the budget.

In addition to the actual sketches, the visual script contains other important information that facilitates subsequent work on the set. This includes perspectives, setting sizes and other data relevant for a detailed realization of the film project.

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