Stitcher (360 degree images)

Stitcher (360-degree images) correspond to a juxtaposition of several images. When stitching (English for “sewing, tacking”) a panorama is created, which in the best case gives the viewer an all-round view.

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From wide angle to panorama picture

Especially on vacation one encounters the most beautiful landscapes. You would like to capture these impressions in pictures so that you can enjoy them at home again and again. But even in wide angle, a landscape just doesn’t come into its own. The panorama shot can help. There are essentially two options available for this, which will be discussed below.

Automatic stitching as a camera function

Since the integrated cameras of smartphones are becoming increasingly high quality, people often do without a photo camera on vacation. Regardless of which variant is used, most models today are equipped with a panorama mode. To do this, move the camera slowly through the scene in a semicircle and at the same height. The camera takes multiple photos and then merges them into one image. Although this automatic stitching is very convenient, it also has disadvantages. In general, you can only work with a limited resolution and primarily in JPEG format. When it comes to post-production and you want to provide the viewer with additional information, you should work with special stitcher software.

Stitcher software: Manual to panorama success

In order to create stitchers (360-degree images) yourself, you must first photograph the image sequence. Keep the camera level and shoot so that each frame overlaps by a third. Striking points serve as orientation. Use the image editing software to open the individual images and line them up. Depending on the software, you now have different options for post-processing. For example, you can choose layouts, do the blending automatically or manually, flatten layers, and crop the entire composition. Tip: For a landscape panorama, shoot a portrait sequence of images. This way you will have a larger image substance to crop later in post-processing. It gets really interesting in the professional area.

Stitcher from the pro

In the business sector, the stitching method opens up completely new possibilities – especially with regard to the fact that customers can obtain information on the Internet before buying a product, using a service or booking a trip. A tour operator can advertise the location and surroundings with virtual photo tours. In the real estate and furniture industry, the customer is invited to an informal tour. Signposts and information points can also be integrated into the 360-degree images (e.g. for online galleries). Such informative panoramas also provide variety and a high degree of attention during training courses. Conclusion: Stitchers enable all-round visualization on websites, as if you were there yourself. The professional makes it possible.

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