Before the shooting schedule is created, the time span in which the script will be turned into a film is determined. The shooting schedule itself covers the course of a film shoot and creates all the structures to make the finished film as efficient as possible. It is particularly important because a film production with all its variables such as the presentation of the individual scenes, the camera work and the shooting locations must be planned precisely. The schedule includes a list of all the actors, extras, and performers who will only meet during filming and who may not have worked together before.

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The storyboard

With the help of a storyboard or scene book, the screenplay, concept or idea is graphically defined. The storyboard is used to visualize a screenplay. It is intended to sketch film scenes before the shoot. With the storyboard, a completed script is illustrated for the first time and supplemented by the concrete implementation of perspective, point of view and setting size.

Components of a shooting schedule

While the script is still about describing the content of the film, the actual implementation of the production is regulated in the shooting schedule. The individual components are production, camera, light, make-up, costumes, catering, location and direction. Excerpts from the script already contain hints that are relevant to the plan. Since they are often not arranged in the correct order, they are further optimized. All relevant information from the script excerpts is compiled scene by scene. The plan contains a precise schedule for each day of shooting. It is determined which settings are to be created when and where and what is to be seen in the picture during the shooting. The location, the structure of the light and the equipment of the actors are regulated. The plan also includes sunrise and sunset times as well as the weather conditions for a day of shooting.

Processes during film production

From the information available, a sequence and order must be created in order to involve everyone involved in the film production. It is determined which scenes are to be created on which day. The shooting schedule provides the necessary framework to make a film as efficiently as possible. A chronology of locations, cast and set design is created with the date and time. The daily schedule, which is also called the call sheet, contains all the necessary components for the next day of shooting. It contains all contact persons, their start of work, filming locations and travel options. The daily routine is created in as much detail as possible to ensure that the shoot runs smoothly. This is how the finished film for television or cinema emerges from a concept.

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