Rough cut

The rough cut, also known as the rough cut, is a fundamental element of film production. According to the film lexicon, this is the first cut version of a film – more precisely: a selection and arrangement of the filmed material in terms of sound and image. The aim is to create a meaningful overview that creates entire scenes from individual images.

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For the raw cut, the abundance of material is crucial. This requires thorough examination and selection by experienced cutters. Exact knowledge of the script and storyboard is therefore a must in addition to the relevant technology. For orientation, the director often creates a detailed editing list. Finally, it is important to select and edit the order of the viewed material in such a way that it is consistent with the course of action he has planned.

To ensure this, many filmmakers are involved in the early stages of post-production. You look over the editor’s shoulder and make sure that the composition of the material corresponds to the specifications in the script and storyboard and that only the superfluous is left out.

Montage work in the rough cut: an art in itself

Already in the first phase, a lot of creativity is required on the part of the experts involved. After all, it is about the macro montage of a complex film project. Subtleties such as visual effects, music and dubbing do not play a major role here. However, the course for the film as a whole is already being set.

In addition, the rough cut is to be classified as the core phase of the assembly work. In other words: the rough cut determines the order of the shots and their links in the overall work.

The changeability of this process is very important in this context. Only after examining the material that is actually available can the makers of a creative film decide whether the intended effect can actually be achieved by strictly adhering to the storyboard and the like. In the spirit of this creative genre, there is a great deal of freedom to make changes and use the wacky material in a way that conveys the message in the clearest possible way.

Rough cut and fine cut as an inseparable duo of post-production

A harmonious transition instead of a strictly separate sequence: This is how the relationship between rough and fine cuts can be described. So the borders are fluid. Basically, the fine cut or the micro-assembly forms the conclusion of the cutting work. A correction run is usually scheduled between these two essential steps. The clients of the film have their say and can submit any requests for changes, which are then taken into account in the finer cut.

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