Overlays are a graphic element in online marketing for websites and live streams. They are placed over the content as a frame or window and contain specific information. This includes references to products, advertising, emotes or requests to click or subscribe. The window on website content can be removed by clicking on a corresponding field. This is how the content becomes visible. In the live stream, the frame emphasizes the effect in the video. Both overlay types have the advantage of attracting direct and high attention.

Overlays | by Wylder

What are overlays?

The overlay is a visual page overlay in the form of a window that appears on top of other web pages. It’s usually a little smaller. This shows that it is direct marketing and can be read if necessary or removed with a click. It contains various graphic elements such as text content, images, icons, frames or a live stream. Website operators can use it to draw attention to their products and campaigns, ask visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or personalize simple templates with exclusive design elements as required. For chat and live stream, Twitch overlays are popular. They permit creative actions and the expression of emotions.

What do you need overlays for?

Page overlays are an elegant way to add more interaction to the webpage or video. They enable the conveyance of separate content or important information that is attractively presented in a smaller window or frame. The context of the current content of the website or the live video is not lost.

This modern form of presentation is also often associated with direct advertising. It is unobtrusive and indicates free special offers or products and their prices, newsletters or registration forms. Some companies use website overlays or the stream on Twitch as a pure advertising medium for their own products or for external sites. For live streaming with webcams, OBS overlays are popular, creatively embedding the image in a frame.

What is the job of OBS stream overlays?

In addition to page overlays as a pure advertising medium in online marketing, there are also potential effects in streaming and chat. A stream overlay is a graphically designed frame that is placed around the webcam image or live video and is used in streaming communication and interaction. Photoshop allows you to create custom frames when editing photos with some templates. Streamers can use emotes to express their feelings. Even more practical are specific OBS overlay makers, which simplify the creation of stream overlays and offer many settings and functions.

What is the job of OBS stream overlays?

Overlays can be created in many ways – for example with a special design, OBS for Twitch or as a window for the website or online shop.

The advantages are:

• Increased attention
• Versatile display options with image or OBS
• Visual contrast from the background
• Increase in conversation rate
• Custom frames and margins when streaming

The disadvantages are:

• Can be perceived as annoying
• Requires an unobtrusive design

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