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Live streaming is a technology that makes films and series receivable over the Internet and competes with television. The concept of television has been around for many decades. Moving images are broadcast in the form of a television program from a transmitter located somewhere in the world. This can then be received by viewers who have an appropriate receiving device, such as a television. The transmission takes place either via satellite or cable. However, thanks to the Internet, there are now more options for sending moving images. The most popular is live streaming.

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What is live streaming?

A stream (or live stream) is the transmission of content over the Internet. In contrast to the program of a classic television station, neither a satellite nor a TV cable is required for reception. If we are talking about a live stream, then we can see content that is live, i.e. in real time – for example in the form of a broadcast of a sports event or an event similar to a concert. Otherwise, recordings made, such as films and series, can also be played back in a stream.

What do you need live streaming for?

The trend is moving away from classic TV and towards internet videos and live streams. Therefore, more and more providers are starting to publish their content either via YouTube or similar platforms or to offer their station not only on television but also via live stream. As a result, they reach a broader target group.

The benefits of streaming

While you can usually only receive a classic TV station on normal TV sets, live streaming offers can be played on significantly more devices. With various apps such as Vimeo, live streams can be received on smartphones as well as on tablets, smart TVs, PCs and laptops. This greatly increases the potential audience. In order to stream yourself, you don’t have to have your own TV station. Instead, all you need is a reasonably powerful computer, suitable software and one or more cameras – depending on the content to be shown. In most cases, production is therefore much easier than with classic television programmes.

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