Hazer - What is it?

The hazer, also called fog machine or DMX haze fog machine, is a haze generator that is operated with a fog fluid. Hazers produce a fine mist that disperses quickly and stays in the air for a long time. They are ideal for stage and lighting effects of all kinds.

Hazers are available in various sizes and designs. Prices start at about 100 euros. The larger and more powerful models cost correspondingly more. Some hazers have a remote control so that the fog machine can be conveniently controlled from the stage or DJ booth.

Fog machines are often used in clubs and festivals. They provide a moody atmosphere and unique lighting effects. Hazers are also great for theater and dance performances.

Fluids for hazers come in different colors and scents. Thus, the mist can glow pink, green or blue, or smell of lemon, coconut or lavender, as desired.
Fog machines are an important part of any stage. They ensure that the air is filled with the spotlights and envelops the DJ in a way that sets him apart from the crowd. This kind of effect is especially important for the tours where the DJ travels from one place to another. Fog machines are also very useful when it comes to controlling the atmosphere of a party.

✅ Creates a dense fog that brings the room with it in a very short time
✅ Durable and reliable
✅ Haze
✅ Unique design and quality
✅ Controllable fog intensity

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