Greenscreen - What is it?

The green screen technique is also called chroma key technique and is an effect that is regularly used in the film scene. The technique is to replace the green background of a scene with another background. This effect is often used in news broadcasts where the weather report is shown against an animated background. However, green screen is not limited to newscasts. Many Hollywood movies use this effect to create breathtaking landscapes and scenarios that do not exist in reality. Most people don’t know that green screen technology has been around for over 100 years.

The basic idea of the technique is to combine two images to create a new background. This was first used in advertising and later in film. One of the first films to use green screen was The Wizard of Oz. In this film, the chroma key technique was used to make it possible to go from black and white film to colored landscapes. Nowadays, anyone can easily create green screen effects on their own. All you need is a green screen, a camera and some light. The green color is important because it is the best of all colors to be detected in the chroma key process. Lighting is also necessary, as it ensures that the green background is not too dark or too bright. Keeping all these things in mind, you can easily create stunning green screen effects yourself.

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