The conversion rate, also known as the “conversion rate”, describes the relationship between visits to a website (“visits” and “clicks”) and the conversions achieved as a result. These include the “conversion” of prospects who visit a website into specific customers. For example, they may consist of purchases from or downloads from a website. The rate also applies to many other objectives and is expressed in percentage points.

Conversion rate explained by Wylder

Examples of such rates are:

• Downloads from a website
• Actual sales of a product
• Subscriptions to newsletters
• Leads, ie registrations on a portal

The rate, which is also referred to as the conversion rate or conversion rate, is a so-called Key Performance Indicator (KPI). It is defined by key figures. They relate to the success, utilization or performance of a shop or a company as well as to individual organizational units or machines. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) involves counting the number of customers in relation to an actual conversion. This is recorded as a key figure. The CRO is a part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It contributes to the fact that the turnover and sales figures of a company or an industry can be optimized and more leads are generated. Marketing can be improved with these factors and sales can be increased.

Conversion rate calculation

The conversion rate calculation is performed by dividing the actions (visits and clicks) achieved on a website by the actual conversion. For example, if there are 1,000 visits to a website and ten conversions result, the conversion rate is one percent. The actions taken include all page views, which include repeated views. Operators who want to get a more accurate relationship between visits and conversions can work with Unique Visitors. These are visitors to a website who were only counted once. Different time periods can be selected to determine the visit-to-conversion ratio. The conversion rate can be calculated for a day, a week or a month. Operators of a website or an online shop have a suitable window of opportunity to take further measures if necessary.

Visits and access via mobile devices are constantly increasing. An online shop that is not mobile-friendly, for example, must therefore expect a deterioration in the ratio of visits to actual conversions. The average mobile conversion rate for Google Adwords, for example, is 3.48 percent.

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