We often encounter chroma key when we see moving images. Cinema, advertising, television and video all use green screens without being noticed. Chroma Key allows you to create still images or create moving images through video editing. When digitally post-processing images or films with suitable software, the green background is removed and replaced with any other content such as images, videos or virtual studios. This color-based release of images is called chroma keying. In addition to green (“green”), blue (“blue”) is also used. These two background colors are used because they contrast optimally with human skin tones. Since numerous objects and items of clothing have a high proportion of blue, green screens are widely used today. Digital cameras are also more sensitive to the color green, which simplifies post-processing.

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First use of green screens

The process was developed back in the 1930s, when the RKO Pictures studio used blue screens for cinematic transitions for the first time when shooting “King Kong” in 1933. At that time, the film camera had to be positioned at a fixed location in order to achieve the desired effects. Also, the actors could not change their position.

Application of the chroma key process

In a photo shoot or shoot, a person or object is positioned in front of a green background. With the help of a editing or image processing program that supports chromakey, a green screen is used in post-processing. The prerequisite, however, is that the green screen is created in such a way that it displays the colors as evenly as possible. Other factors are the right lighting and the right settings for the light.

Applications of Chroma Key

Chroma keying allows two different shots to be combined in the same film. Other content is created from the previously defined green or blue main color. This can be digital sequences or other material. Using this technique, Hollywood actors are placed in dangerous situations or imaginary worlds. Likewise, performers can fly through space or move underwater.

The chroma key process can also be used privately. It is possible to set up your own green screen home studio. All you need is the right background. Specialist shops offer corresponding products in the form of special green screen sets, or smooth walls or panels are painted with the appropriate color. It is important to have a smooth background on which the paint is applied evenly. The background areas must fill the entire camera frame and must not cast a shadow.

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