Augmented Reality - What is it?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the extension of the real environment by virtual elements. AR applications use the camera of a smartphone or data glasses to display content in real time. The technology extends the real world with virtual objects and enables such a new form of interaction with the environment.

AR applications can be used in many areas. For example, AR glasses can be used in retail to display product information or show the way to the next shelf. In industry, AR applications can be used to operate machines or perform maintenance work. AR can also be used in medicine to support operations or facilitate diagnoses, among other things.

The future of AR looks promising: More and more companies are betting on the technology and developing new fields of application. So AR is likely to become an increasingly common part of our everyday lives in the future.


  • Augmented reality can change and enhance reality, for example by adding information or graphics.
  • Augmented reality can help solve problems by providing new perspectives.
  • Augmented reality is very interactive and fun.
  • Augmented reality can boost creativity.


  • There is a danger that people get too lost in the digital world and neglect reality.
  • Augmented reality can also act as a distraction and take attention away from important things.
  • Augmented reality can also lead to overstimulation and be uncomfortable for some people.

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