Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio determines frame sizes of footage, images, and monitors. From 35mm film to photos and canvases to the square version of roll film, the picture formats come in many variations. They are determined by the proportional relationship between the page height and the page width, which results in the shape. When it comes to the effect of a film or photo, the right aspect ratio is a crucial design element.

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What is the aspect ratio?

Aspect or image ratio refers to the sides of the image and is expressed as a fraction. Their relationship to each other results in the format. The information is important for photos, frames and canvases, but also a decisive factor for the resolution of monitors and cameras. There are proven image formats that improve the television experience or simplify the image display.

Using the example of photography, the overview is simple. The 1:1 format creates a square photo with a length and width of 500 x 500 pixels, for example. If the width is greater than the height in a ratio of 2:3, the image format is 500 x 750 pixels. The width is correspondingly 1.5 times greater than the height. The format determines the type of image and differs when it comes to a thumbnail, an art photo, a blog entry or product and gallery images. It is possible to present a specific image section or to adjust the width and height to the display in the browser.

What does aspect ratio mean for monitors and televisions?

Modern TV sets usually have a format of 16:9. That means a ratio of 16 units wide and nine units high. This complicates the film production because the representation is not always adapted to this relationship. Films have to be converted accordingly so that part of the picture is not lost and the picture effect is thus disturbed.

Where is aspect ratio important?

The aspect ratio is important for optimizing images so that they are displayed correctly on websites and blogs, as banners or on social networks. If the aspect ratio is known, it can be enlarged and reduced without distorting the subject. There are tips for image optimization from professionals and photographers. In Photoshop and similar image editing programs, changing the image size is particularly easy thanks to the existing tools and automatic adjustment. Certain effects can also be achieved to widen or crop views.

The aspect ratio also plays a role in cameras, film and video. The format of the image increases or decreases the impact of the image, for example through certain image sections or settings for better distribution of light. In the case of recordings and projections, the aspect ratio is the rectangle that delimits the display of the image information on the screen.

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