Animated films in motion design say more than the proverbial “thousand words”. Because the viewer reacts much more strongly to visual stimuli. Any clever online marketing or event manager will happily confirm that. But what does the potential for success look like in detail when movements come into the picture? In the following, we want to deal with this exciting topic, animation in film. Among other things, we explain what is meant by an animated film, how and where this technology is used to advantage and what a company needs to bring to the table to implement your ideas. Have fun gaining new insights, and now: film!

Animated film | What is that exactly? | wyder

Animation in film – Hollywood goes online marketing

It is no longer just the real film that captivates the viewer. The success story of animation began early. While Disney still made thousands of drawings by hand for cartoons like “Bambi” in the early years, computer animations from Pixar are now used, among other things, to conjure up adventurous cinema films on the screen – and thus inspire young and old alike. But first let’s take a step-by-step look at how the movements come into the picture.

Perhaps you were a director yourself at a young age without realizing it – because you breathed life into individual characters. How? With a flip book! For the cinema in XXS format, you grabbed a small pad of paper and added individual images sheet by sheet. Each picture differed a little bit from the previous one. “Played” quickly one after the other with the help of the thumb, resulting in a short film scene. Today, animation techniques are of course much more sophisticated and can also be produced more easily and cheaply using computer animation. But the principle of the cartoon has hardly changed over the years. The human eye sends individual images in rapid succession to the brain, where this information is then assembled into a film. The figures are thus breathed into life.

Advantages of animation - in online and event marketing

As is well known, there is no second chance to make a first impression – and an animated film makes a powerful impression! An example: Imagine a trade fair appearance. Here you have to stand up to the competition with your products and services. At the trade fair stand, you not only convince the visitor with words and a few ordinary brochures, but also show them the product in an animated film. A veritable landscape of experiences opens up here with stories that potential customers are happy to immerse themselves in.

This can be a funny cartoon as well as a technical product animation or an action trailer that stimulates curiosity. Motion design knows many animation techniques. Only a company that has the necessary know-how and many years of experience is able to stage your products or services via motion design. Because “design in motion” also means moving potential customers, addressing them emotionally and providing a pleasant shopping experience. The “animation in the film” is an adequate means for this.

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